Core Reiki is offered at an unusual location for something so relaxing - Krav Maga Self Defense & Fitness in Milwaukie, Oregon. It may seem odd to offer a healing modality in the middle of a self defense gym where people spend a lot of time striking bags and aggressively responding to mock attacks. But then Krav Maga isn't just any system of self defense. At its roots is the understanding that what naturally comes out of you in time of need is going to be the most effective response. Every technique is based on instinctive responses to attack, which makes them easy to learn and recall under stress. As students progress in their training and develop a feel for how they move, emphasis is shifted from learned techniques to whatever naturally emerges. This is part of the gym's atmosphere, along with the knowledge that no healing can be complete without the ability to effectively address the cause of damage. Core Reiki sessions are held before Krav Maga classes begin for the day when the gym is quiet.

Address: 5484 SE International Way, Milwaukie OR 97222
Just look for the Krav Maga sign on the front of the building. For more information about Krav Maga, please see or call 503-786-6917; do not use this number to schedule reiki sessions. For reiki, please call 503-310-3852. Thank you!