Dr. Lauren Chattigre received her Western Reiki Master/Teacher certification in 1997, and her Traditional Japanese Reiki Level 3 certification in 1999. Her DVM (veterinary degree) was received in 1997 at Colorado State University. Along with practicing reiki for humans, she practices holistic medicine for animals at Cascade Summit Animal Hospital in West Linn, Oregon, offering acupuncture, veterinary orthopedic manipulation (similar to chiropractic), functional indirect osteopathy, homeopathy, Western and Chinese herbs, nutraceuticals, and of course reiki. For more information about her veterinary services, please see www.cascadesummitvets.com or call 503-655-1722.

Dr. Chattigre also has an online book discussing various holistic modalities, as well as articles published in the Portland Veterinary Medical Association's monthly journal, at www.tendingthewind.com.